A social and emotional learning initiative from the Andy Roddick Foundation.


Whatchamafeelit is a social and emotional learning initiative and kit by the Andy Roddick Foundation that empowers children, with the help of their families and caregivers, to identify, process and communicate their feelings and engage in social and emotional learning.

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the Andy Roddick Foundation was unable to conduct their in-person after school programs. To counteract reduced socialization and missed interactions due to online learning, ARF—and the teachers that work in their programs—created a social and emotional learning program, called Whatchamafeelit, that kids could do at home, and have their caregivers follow along with them.

We partnered with ARF to develop the name and brand for this important initiative, and then helped to design the learning materials. To help spread the word, we supported awareness of the program through digital marketing and public relations efforts.



Creating the brand

The Andy Roddick Foundation asked us to develop a friendly and welcoming name and brand identity for the initiative. Inspired by the insight that emotions can be nuanced and complex, and that we can often feel several at once (but sometimes have difficulty naming them), we developed the name Whatchamafeelit. The brand is expressed graphically through a lively color palette, handmade typography, energetic patterns, and a full range of illustrated icons.



Tapping into emotions

Whatchamafeelit is all about learning to identify, express, and communicate emotions. So we developed a series of emotion cards, one for each letter of the alphabet, to help kids share how they’re feeling and learn more about the range of emotions they might encounter. The cards feature custom typography and memorable illustrations that portray feelings in an approachable way.

The kit also encompasses materials including workbooks, buttons, stickers, a pencil case, and a bright drawstring backpack to hold them all.


Whatchamafeelit workbook pages

Whatchamafeelit-Kit swag collateral

Complete Whatchamafeelit learning kit

Whatchamafeelit digital illustration collateral


Sharing through digital

Using the full range of illustrations and typography, we created a digital toolkit of graphic assets and banners for ARF to help share the Whatchamafeelit program with the world. The flexible toolkit featured a range of sizes, perfect for various social media channels, email newsletters, and online display campaigns.

Whatchamafeelit tablet mockup for ARF Statesman Tablet Pink
Whatchamafeelit mobile mockup for ARF Little Things


Connecting with the community 

We supported the launch of Whatchamafeelit with outreach efforts that connected with various news and education industry media, resulting in program coverage in outlets including the Austin American-Statesman.

The Whatchamafeelit program launched with a final curriculum that includes 16 lessons, as well as a full kit of accompanying collateral, to help children manage stress and encourage communication around mental health. Each purchased kit provides social and emotional learning support to a family in need, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the students, families, and programs of the Andy Roddick Foundation.