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Lucky Number 13: Celebrating Our 13th Birthday

By Sabrina Núñez — November 10, 2021

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When you start a business during a recession, it can be difficult to picture where you’ll be in a year, let alone 13. So we’re marking lookthinkmake’s 13th birthday by recognizing the people, projects and inspirations over the last 13 years.

Last year, co-founder Patricia reflected on 12 things she learned over 12 years, and as we think about where the world was in 2008, none of us could have imagined we’d be a team of 17 meeting on Zoom, spread out across makeshift offices in Texas, and sometimes around the country, in 2021.

And while many other companies have also figured out how to make video calls fun as well as safely meet up for the occasional meal or celebration, it’s our team – the LTMers – who really make us excited to open our laptops and collaborate together each day.

Since our move to virtual offices in March of 2020, we’ve had the opportunity to start working with more than a dozen new clients and have remotely onboarded seven new team members. From Austin PBS, to Twistleaf to Lincoln Ventures—three of the many new clients we are working with—our team has been busy researching, creating and sharing the important work our clients are doing for their communities around the country.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over 13 years, it’s that the people you work with can impact everything about your company’s success—from partnering with transformative clients to collaborating on collateral pieces to making each work day enjoyable. So let’s celebrate lucky 13 by shining a light on the newest members of the LTM team who brighten our days as they share more about what makes them LOOK, THINK, and MAKE:


As our new account manager, Gaby handles each project with poise and composure. We’re constantly impressed by Gaby’s intelligence and compassion, and she regularly spoils us with photos of her adorable dog, Teddy.

Something that recently made you LOOK:

A recent trip to Italy had me in awe of nature’s beauty, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the picturesque cliff sides of the Amalfi Coast. I left feeling more inspired than ever to get out and continue exploring all this vast and beautiful world has to offer!


If you need a pep talk and some soothing, sage advice, Stephanie is your person. A member of the creative team, Stephanie designs with grace, beauty and character. In her spare time, you can find Stephanie connecting with nature through hikes, camping trips and practicing herbalism.

Something that recently made you THINK:

Working with such vibrant and human-centric clients at LTM often reminds me that creativity comes with great social responsibility. As designers, the role we play in crafting the communities around us deserves an intentional approach to nourishing those people-first connections in our day-to-day creations.

Lauren Nail

As our copywriter, it’s no secret that Lauren has a way with words, but it’s her interactions off the page that resonate with us most. Whether she’s sharing her latest crafting project or drawing perfect pet portraits, Lauren exudes creativity and warmth.

Something that recently made you MAKE:

Lately, I’ve really been into making quilts from scraps of fabric and old clothing. It’s been so fun to de-construct, re-construct, and see the things around me take a new life. The next step on my adventure is collecting avocado pits to experiment with homemade dye!


Being an art director means having an eye for attention to details and Connor is no exception. With a unique perspective of the world around him, his intuition is strong and inspiring. When Connor’s around, expect waves of creativity, calmness and kindness.

Something that recently made you THINK:

Moving into a new apartment has inspired me to create a space of my own. Starting with a blank canvas is exciting as the possibilities are endless. When I first moved in, I laughed after noticing that the walls were grey. And while we’re on the subject, why did they paint them grey?


We want to be like Sabrina when we grow up. She’s our senior publicist with a passion for storytelling. You can always count on her to bring an effortlessly kind and calm demeanor. People like her make people like us better.

Something that recently made you THINK:

Maybe it’s the crisp air or the warm tones, but everything about fall has me thinking about reinventing myself. Whether it’s my wardrobe, routine or weekend menu, I’m feeling inspired to try new things.


As a Colorado transplant, Livee is both easy going and adventurous. As an account coordinator, Livee wears many hats and juggles clients’ needs without breaking a sweat, but her most impressive trait is her vibrant spirit. Livee is the friend you want when you need a helping hand, a night on the town or an evening spent binge-watching the latest Netflix show.

Something that recently made you THINK:

I recently heard someone say (it was actually Miley Cyrus at ACL) that if 10 bugs went extinct it would wipe out every living thing on Earth because of the disruption to the food chain. So from now on I capture the bugs in my apartment and let them outside to be free.

Lauren Fritz

Able to connect with anyone over any topic, Lauren’s specialty lies in communication. As the newest member of the PR team, Lauren’s familiarity makes us feel like she’s been with us forever. With Lauren around, the mood is always cheery, fun and energetic.

Something that recently made you LOOK:

The last year and half has made me stop and look around at all the amazing things I do have. It’s so easy to focus on what other people have or things that are going wrong, which really hinders the ability to feel grateful. I’ve been challenging myself to make a daily list of a few of the things I’m grateful for, no matter how big or small. Life continues to teach me that there will always be ups and downs. While I’m a bit of a stubborn student, I’m gradually learning to dance in the rain.

sabrina headshot

Sabrina Núñez

We want to be like Sabrina when we grow up. She’s a public relations professional with an effortlessly kind and calm demeanor. People like her make people like us better.

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