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LTM Extended Family: Taylor Burge

By LTM Team — January 22, 2018

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Taylor Burge is an event coordinator, floral designer and mama based in Lockhart, Texas – home of world famous BBQ.

Taylor entered the world of events early on, throwing themed parties at local bars in Dallas, TX – her hometown. When she and her then best friend, now husband moved to Austin in 2010, she left her graphic design career and re-entered the service industry. Which led her to starting a catering company with renowned local chef, Sonya Coté. Once her son, Cotton, was born in 2015, she moved to Lockhart to start a coffee shop with her husband, left the catering biz, and launched her own company: The Moonlight Manor. Taylor has an infectious laughter and positivity that radiates around her. She feels at home in the chaos of event making and feels grounded when she’s able to work with flowers. Life is a celebration for her and all those around her.

What do you love getting your hands on?

An event! Honestly, I love being apart of a team that goes from morning set up (aka disaster scene) to an evening affair all polished and trimmed and ready for guests to light it up. My favorite aspects of event production are the art installations that inevitably occur. Draping fabric, stringing lights, using old nails as the main bracing point for large branches hung invisibly with fishing line. I love the knitty gritty of events. I get a rush imagining all the possibilities and then am on cloud nine while the event is happening. I’m that goofy lady in the background that looks slightly disheveled with my hair spilling out of a top bun but can’t stop grinning.

Where was the last place you laughed uncontrollably?

A few nights ago, outside of our coffee shop in Lockhart, I attempted to teach my son and another toddler how to play “Red Light, Green Light”… let’s just say they knew how to go but thought it was more like “Tickle Tag.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Motherhood is a tough job, but I’ve never laughed so much in my life since having our son, Cotton.

What makes a place special to you?

To me, it’s all about the energy of a space. When I walk into a new place, the energy is the first thing I’ll take note of. If the energy is off, it doesn’t really matter how astounding the decor elements are, I can’t get comfortable and everything will feel off. Special places are made by special people.

What are you most excited about what’s going on in your life right now?

I’ve been a full time mom and part time small business owner mainly during nap times for the past two years. Just yesterday, we enlisted a shared nanny with some other local families in town. I’m so excited to not bare all the responsibility of entertaining my little dude. I’m so excited that he’ll get some social time and I’ll get some time to focus on my passions, beyond motherhood.

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