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LTM Extended Family: Charles Travis

By LTM Team — January 31, 2017

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Charles Travis is the founder and principal architect of Chas Architects, one of our recent PR clients.

With projects ranging from rustic weekend retreats to transitional lakeside estates, Chas Architects prides itself on creating sophisticated and dynamic environments that combine graceful modern living with the timeless warmth of hand-crafted traditional architecture. Over his 30-year career in residential architecture, Charles has designed more than 250 homes. His thoughtful design practice combines the simplicity of European architecture with an Austin-inspired focus on casual and outdoor living.

What do you love getting your hands on?

Watercolor brushes.

What makes a place special to you?

A place is special when it has the power to make you feel alive and present in the moment.

If you were an element, which one would you be and why?

Copper, it is diverse in it’s many uses but not flashy like gold and silver.

Describe your perfect day off in three words.

No Work Today.

Concept or creation?

Both.  A concept is an idea, a mental formation.  A creation is the result, a product of the mind.

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